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We connect top research and SMEs

We connect top research and SMEs
I want my innovative idea
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I want to help innovative ideas
to enter the market with my know-how
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databaseWe will find the perfect R&D partner for you from our data lake with more than 50 million data points of companies

rocketEach month over 100 projects launch at the forefront of research

aiOur AI uses more than 50,000 work packages for the planning of your R&D projects

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2000+ R&D projects

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€1.1 billion

funding acquired since 2015


We recognize the value of your idea and make its security our top priority

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Thousands of research projects
We will connect you with the right people and open up new opportunities for you with fitting projects


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We find suitable funding programs for SMEs and take care of the application process


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Find the perfect innovation project for your company together with us

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innoscripta is like an innovation highway that brings innovation from an idea to the market...

World-class research proposals

research proposals

innoscripta developed a platform for marketable research ideas with AI quality checks

Network of Researchers & SMEs

Network of
Researchers & SMEs

Idea delivery inside network ensures fast time to market

Innovation Management


innoscripta built an R&D planning software with web based, AI-powered GANTT planning

Access to funding

to funding

R&D project plans are converted into cash with innoscripta processes

Project control


innoscripta built a platform for marketable research ideas with AI quality checks

Market access for innovative products

Market access for
innovative products

Proprietary CRM software finds & acquires customers with keywords and NLP

Our offers

For researchers


We will find suitable R&D industry partners for you and assemble a consortium for your projects


We will supervise your idea long-term, making sure it will turn into a success


We will make sure that your idea will meet the criteria for the grants so that you will receive funding

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Customers about us

Sales increased by 4 million euros

The cooperation with innoscripta enabled me to develop a revolutionary technology in laser scribing cardboard. Compared to the state of the art, we can achieve enormous investment savings with higher efficiency at the same time. The result is an increase in sales of 4 million euros and a doubling of the workforce with future-proof jobs.

Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Lang

Geschäftsführer LANG LASER-System GmbH

Plasma Fuel: CO2-neutral marine diesel

innoscripta is able to initiate sustainable projects of the highest quality and does this via an excellently developed network. The "PlasmaFuel" project for the production of CO2-neutral, high-purity marine diesel is an excellent example of this. This project, with its high potential to significantly advance synthetic fuels, was finally approved after an efficient project consortium was put together by innoscripta and the excellent support provided during the application phase. Halfway through the project, the project is already showing considerable success.

Prof. Dr. Kai Peter Birke

Universität Stuttgart

Very quick application for COVID-19 topics

Thanks to the cooperation with innoscripta, we were able to put and submit an application for the development of an effective, antiviral drug for the treatment of COVID-19 in both German and English in less than two weeks. We were really impressed by that. We hope to be able to make a significant contribution to the fight against COVID-19 in a short time.

Dr. Ralf Zuhse

Geschäftsführer Chiracon GmbH

Our donation

Help for those in need

Christmas celebration for children in Georgia
We wanted to give Georgian children in need wonderful Christmas gifts, so we selected and wrapped them together as a team. In addition to sweets, toys and school supplies, everyone brought a personal gift, so that each gift would be something special. We hope that we were able to bring some joy to the children.
Help for the homeless
In order to be able to actively support homeless people in Munich, we first asked them what they needed most on the street. Items of daily use were in particularly high demand, so we packed over 100 high-quality backpacks with warm jackets, sleeping bags, food, hygiene products, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and then distributed them together throughout the city.
Help for doctors in Ghana
To support medical care in Africa, we donated € 10,000 to the association "Doctors for Africa". Thus, it is your projects that ultimately made it possible that hospital fees were covered locally and volunteer doctors could perform over 40 life-saving operations.
Help for animals in Gut Aiderbichl
During the pandemic, there was a lack of support for animals in need. Our employees made personal donations to the animal shelter Gut Aiderbichl, which urgently lacked income for animal food. These donations were multiplied by us as a company to a total amount of over 20,000 €, which hopefully provided the animals with sufficient nutrition for a long time.

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